Programme Information

TYPE: NQF Level 5 National Certificate in Banking  CREDITS: 122  DURATION: 12 months

PROGRAMME TYPE: Registered qualification DELIVERY METHOD: Distance Learning

SAQA ID: 61859 FSB FAIS Gazetted: Yes (G for all categories in Cat 1. FSP’s)

Why this programme is harder-hitting than many other programmes in banking and microfinance

Research across multiple financial institutions shows that superior performers typically have a few things in common: they have a deep sense of purpose, they appreciate their context more profoundly, and they apply more insightful problem-solving and personal motivation. That is why they consistently achieve better outcomes for themselves, for customers and their employer.

We developed this programme specifically to replicate just that.

Classical learning transfers information and behaviour seldom changes very much. Cornerstone, on the other hand, apply an approach called Business Impact Learning.  ‘BIL’ is an end-to-end learning methodology that uses a range of techniques to shape the thinking, the intent and the action of banking workforces. On our programmes, more people actually end up doing more of the things that top performers will do.

That means the programme delivers more client and more learner value.  More learning ROI.

We use BIL to create these business outcomes using distance-learning solutions

Our pass-rates are industry-leading, because we don’t leave learning success to chance.  No provider will provide more proactive learner progress management and support.

Who would benefit?

  • Regional, Area and Branch Managers
  • New banking industry entrants who require a basis for a career
  • Channel sales and service consultants where results are required
  • Managers and team leaders who are required to improve the consistency and level of their team’s performance.
  • Junior product specialists who wish to develop role-specific competencies
  • Professional support staff who need to enhance their capability to add banking acumen value

This qualification is best suited to learners looking to obtain a general banking qualification.

Course Outline


Compulsory Core Modules – (See Form C for additional content covered)

Financial Services: Sector Dynamics and Strategy

Provides the ability to picture the financial institution as a business in a broader economic and industry context, and to understand the value of one’s own role and the relevance and impact of learners’ own actions, as a platform for performance.

Personal and Business Finance

Increases personal financial acumen for staff, enabling them to appreciate activities and their relevance to customer financial success. Develops financial decision making and self-management, financial planning and calculation skills. This includes basic accounting, financial concepts and basic financial analysis.  Instils the basics essential to a career in banking.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Equips every employee with the mindsets and skills of an elementary ‘risk management practitioner’, to understand and proactively manage risk at a personal level.

Banking Sales Excellence

This module will impart the knowledge, skills and applied skills to use agile selling techniques to achieve great sales results. It lays the foundation for career success in professional sales roles in the financial industry. We want to give people a deep, rich understanding of sales and how to think about sales so that they can apply best practice in existing sales situations and adapt easily to new sales situations. This equips them to deal with changes, product changes and market changes, while laying the foundation for excellent performance as well as progression to the next level.

Pre-entry requirements

  • Due to the nature of the content and assessments, employment in the Financial Services Industry is recommended.                
  • The applicant should have a Gr12 or a relevant commercial qualification.


To apply, you can contact Student Support by telephone +27-11-7813485 or by email on

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February 2020

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Delivery method

  • Learners will receive all their material once successful enrolment and registration (including payment of the registration fee) has taken place. Material will be couriered to the learner’s address as indicated on the application form.

Submission of assessments

  • All assignments are submitted online using the Cornerstone Learner Management System. You will need access to Detailed assignment due dates will be communicated to you upon distribution of the training material.

Classroom time

  • There are no contact days. As this qualification is done via distance learning, no time off work to attend class or submit assessments is required.


  • Academic as well as technical support will be provided during office hours from Mondays to Fridays (08:00 to 16:30) on 011 781 3485.

Duration of the programme

  • The programme will take 12 months to complete.


  • Upon verification by the issuing authority, BankSETA, the National Certificate in Banking will be awarded to each successful candidate.


  • A graduation ceremony will be held in Gauteng for all the successful learners. Details of the graduation will be communicated closer to the completion of the programme.

Qualification Costs:

Application fee: R300 (non-refundable)

Once application for the programme has been accepted the following fee schedule will be followed: