Business banking relies on a specialised, highly skilled professional frontline to build relationships and develop the deep customer insight that enables them to deliver value a keep customers both loyal and profitable. Such a professional frontline relies upon seamless support from credit and other product specialists and service staff, to make a competitive  business banking proposition really come to life. The challenge is that these critical skill-sets are rare and long in the making.

We’ve been able to enable several thousand business bankers and allied banking staff to become far more expert far more quickly than they otherwise would have.  And we’ve been able to produce data that shows how those changes translate into better sales, service, client retention, and portfolio profitability. Business banking executives are looking for the kind of bankers and staff who can shape a superior customer experience, because they have deeper financial and business insight, they have more business acumen, better banking solution building capability – and they know how to harness all the value that a universal bank can provide – profitably.

We use behavioural science to shape just those kinds of bankers: A-players who build deeper relationships, transactional support bankers who understand the customer experience that keeps customers, credit specialists who understand risk and reward, the list goes on.  You can pretty much name it. It works, and we’ve proven it. And, of course, we use digital learning enablement wherever possible,  to increase reach and impact while reducing costs.


We customise and deliver learning solutions that repeatedly and objectively demonstrate increased business acumen, customer insight and technical skills.
Our learners collaborate better, engage with customers better and sell more effectively. We use digital enablement wherever possible, to
increase reach and impact while reducing costs.

Value Alignment in Business Banking
In order to help RMs develop a strong intentionality to succeed, the programme
focuses on establishing RMs’ personal significance and commitment to the simultaneous creation of bank and client value, and focuses on creating role alignment to the client value proposition (CVP) and bank strategy.
Value Selling
The programme enables RMs to think like experts in adopting an intentional and proactive sales and customer engagement approach. They are encouraged to approach, identify and manage opportunities, acquire profitable new clients and increase cross-selling through planning, preparation quality sales engagement and effective fulfilment while also managing relationships and retaining clients.
Effective Credit for Business Bankers
Programme aims to enable frontline business banking staff to properly understand the important role they play in the credit risk management function of the bank, how to follow a structured approach to improve the quality of client engagement, credit risk assessment, risk mitigation and credit applications and a adopting the mind set of partnering effectively with the credit team.
A Value Perspective on Business Finance
This programme focuses on enabling business banking staff to go beyond using financials purely for credit risk assessment purposes and to develop a holistic picture of a client’s financial situation through critical questioning. This allows staff to identify client financial challenges and
opportunities to create value for both clients and the bank through the provision of appropriate banking solutions.
Strategic Portfolio Management
In order to help RMs overcome the challenges in realising their portfolio’s full potential, the programme focuses on enabling RM’s to see and manage their portfolio as their own business, to assume full accountability for portfolio performance and growth, to gain deeper insight into the portfolio dynamics, to better understand the levers that drive portfolio profitability and plan and execute systematically to create full bank value.
Valuing my Client
The programme focuses on enabling business banking staff members to visualise and undertake the journey of becoming a trusted business advisor, deepen their understanding of their clients businesses and use this insight to identify opportunities to create client and bank value.
Superior Sales Strategy execution through Effective Collaboration
An interactive platform for Sales and Business Banking leaders to improve their cross functional team collaboration with a view to enhancing sales performance across segments. Participants will unpack more effective approaches to get collaboration to work in the Bank.
Trade Finance
This course is structured to dispel the myth that trade Finance is complicated. It takes relevant bank staff through a logical process of understanding clients' working capital requirements and using a basic understanding of trade finance products to offer relevant solutions to clients across the procurement, conversion and sales cycles. This has the benefit of improving sales' effectiveness, client experience and enhancing bank profitability.
Coaching for Success
This programme is aimed at providing line managers with an effective coaching framework to help improve behavioural and tehnical competencies, embed new learning in the workplace and improve accountability and performance within their team.
Strategic Business Unit Management in Business Banking
This programme is aimed at providing business unit leaders and sales leaders in business banking with the essential skills and competencies to manage their business unit effectively with an entrepreneurial, customer centric and profitability mindset.
Partnering with Credit for Value
This programme is aimed at improving teamwork and collaboration between business and credit stakeholders with a view to improving the quality and speed of credit origination, productivity and efficiency and credit risk management in general.
Value Driven Customer Engagement
This programme is aimed at improving the quality of customer engagements and conversations using a structured approach and moving sales staff from a reactive to an intentional and proactive mind set and solutioning approach. It also provides line managers with a framework to coach for effective customer engagement through joint calling.
Introduction to Business Banking for Financial Planners
This programme is aimed at providing financial planners and advisors operating in the business segments with an overview and better understanding of business banking in order to improve their sales success in these segments.