Five ways you can boost your career with a winning mindset

A winning career comes from a wining mindset

Have you started 2020 with a bang and want to make sure your enthusiasm remains strong throughout the year?

Learning and development is key to enhancing your career and ensuring your motivations stays strong. You can’t tackle a demanding job and develop yourself further, however, without the right mindset.

Here are five ways to ensure a winning mindset this year:

1) Plot your goals for the year and break them up into mini goals with timelines attached. If you don’t do this, the goals you set will seem too big to tackle, instead of being manageable steps that will ultimately get you there. For example, if your big goal is to be the best banker for entrepreneurs, you need to set yourself mini goals such as:
– Find a course on banking for entrepreneurs
– Ask your manager to sign off on it
– Complete the course
– Plot ways to integrate my learning into your job
– Plot your performance and improvement
– Ask clients for feedback
– Show your manager evidence of your improved performance

2) Find a mentor. If there is someone you admire, ask them to mentor you and offer advice on how you can grow and further shape your career. Ask them what they learned and studied, or about key experiences that shaped their growth and plot a path for your growth accordingly.
3) Read, listen to podcasts and audio books. Motivational speaker Katelgo Mabusela shares here how reading and learning from the best leaders helps you access the best knowledge out there.
4) Make time to think. If your head is constantly down and focused on the micro details of your job, you never have time to think, plan ahead, or measure whether your actions are fulfilling your goals. So take time to plan, strategise and measure. If you don’t, you will easily fall back into old habits and before long, you will feel like a hamster on a wheel rather than an intrepid traveler on a new, motivated career path.
5) Share your success and your learnings. Get feedback from your manager and your colleagues and teach others what you have learned. The inspiration and feedback your get from others is fuel that will keep you going all year and show your true leadership abilities.

If you want to shape your learning journey as part of your 2020 winning mindset journey, drop us a line on or visit our website to find out more.

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