Learn Three Key Leadership Skills From America’S Top Bankers

Whether it’s playing project manager or handling day-to-day branch management, leading a team can be hard work. You need to find the right balance of good leadership skills that help create positive relationships with your staff. The banking industry is reeling from the last recession, changing technology, new consumer needs and a business model that’s evolving. How do you balance all that and still figure out the key to good leadership?

When Looking For Successful Leadership Practices, Look To The Managers Around You

In an article on American Banker, Resurgent Performance CEO L.T. Hall suggests that all successful leaders share a common mindset. “When all think alike, no one is thinking,” says Hall, quoting political commentator Walter Lippman. In the article, Hall points out the three types of leaders he has met in community banks.

Motivating Sales Leadership
Hall’s first choice is leaders who can get their staff excited about basic banking products. An excited leader helps to motivate their staff and that can lead to higher achieving sales teams. Instead of focusing on numbers and deadlines, a motivating leader inspires bankers around them to believe completely in the bank’s product offerings.

Hiring Leadership
Education is important but in an industry that is always evolving, what we learn is always changing. That is why Hall encourages managers who place a lot of value on hiring bankers with a “servant’s heart”. Bankers do need specific qualifications to do their jobs, but focus on hiring staff that have an understanding of how to use their knowhow to help clients in practical situations.

‘Always Getting Better’ Leadership
Bank managers who see change as a project they can fit into their team’s schedule will always have to catch up on new developments and trends in the banking industry. Be a leader who is always looking to the future instead. That way you will lead the pack in best practices and help increase growth within the bank. Encourage a culture of constant improvement and encourage your staff to keep up to date about the ways banking is changing.

Each of these traits alone makes for strong leadership. An exceptional banker will find that a combination of all three leadership styles will have the most benefit for their bank.

As Hall sees it, in today’s banking industry, thinking differently is what is necessary for successful leadership. Knowing how to manage the bank or a team effectively means knowing how to combine the best possible leadership skills. That means motivating your team, hiring self-starters and staying focused on improving your work as you go forward.

At Cornerstone, we know that the best leaders do not just appear out of thin air. Leadership is a skill that can be learned and honed over time to produce great results. Between our Banking Learnership and Skills Programme and our Business Banking Academy we offer a wide range of courses that will allow you to develop the skills needed to better understand your role within the banking system, and how to maximize on your successes through adaptive thinking and behaviour.

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